Why Is My Bigpond Webmail Not Loading?

This is a common problem with Bigpond webmail providers and it can be fixed by following these simple steps:

1. Open the internet explorer browser.

2. In the address bar type http://mail3.bigpond.com/cpimapdev01/owa/.

3. An autocomplete window will pop up, leave the address bar blank, and press enter.

4. Press CTRL-ALT-DELETE at the same time and a window will pop up with a list of programs that are currently open, click close program on all synchronization connections.

5. click start, run, and type services. MSc in the ‘open field, now find the IMAP4 service, right-click it, and select stop.

6. click start, run and type control panel in the ‘open’ field to open up your control panel, now click programs and features.

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7. Look for Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 or Microsoft Exchange 2007 (Server Extensions) or anything that has “Microsoft Exchange” in it.

8. Right-click that title and select uninstall, wait for the window to pop up asking if you would like to remove Exchange 2007 data, confirm yes at this point.

9. click start, run, and type services. MSC in the ‘open’ field again, now find the IMAP4 service, right-click it and select start.

10. Close all windows and try to open your Bigpond webmail again, you should find that it is now loading up fine.

If you follow these steps there is no reason why you should not be able to fix your problem with the Bigpond webmail provider’s load time. If however after trying this you are still having problems, please leave a comment saying so and I’ll try to help you out myself.

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