Why Is Earthlink Webmail So Slow?

Why Is Earthlink Webmail So Slow?

There are a few ways that you can fix the Earthlink webmail problems that you might be having. The first way that you can solve your email hosting problem is by upgrading to an advanced hosting plan, this will give your account dedicated resources and will give you the ability to have faster speeds while hosting your email.

Second, if that doesn’t work then you will want to check your computer for viruses and malware. If your computer is infected with a virus or some kind of malware, it can cause the Earthlink webmail application to run very slowly because the infection is using up all of your system resources.

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Third, there could be too many messages in your spam folder. The Earthlink webmail application goes through all of your messages and it puts spam messages in the spam folder, but there could be just too many messages stored in that folder causing your webmail to run slowly.

Fourth, you might have multiple email accounts that are hosted by the Earthlink email hosting services but are not properly configured. For example, you have an Earthlink email account and a Yahoo email account. It’s not possible to have multiple accounts of the same type of hosting service on the Earthlink webmail application so you will need to sign out of one and sign into the other if you want to check your different emails.

Fifth, there could be some errors that are stopping the Earthlink webmail application from opening. Sometimes, the Earthlink webmail application could run into errors when trying to check your pop3 email account and it will stop working until you tell it to start again, so try out restarting the Earthlink webmail application on your computer or mobile device before checking your different emails.

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