Why Is Bigpond Webmail So Slow?

The reason it is taking longer than normal, the ISP (Bigpond) has changed settings within your account. They have likely blocked “chat” usage for your account to protect their network from chat spam, etc. It is not uncommon for ISPs to block features like this in order to improve overall service quality and security.

To resolve this issue, contact Bigpond and ask them to unblock “chat” for your email address. This is the most commonly blocked service/feature and is usually easy to resolve with any ISP.

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If you feel they are not resolving this quickly enough or you no longer wish to be a customer with BigPond, then I would recommend switching providers. The ISP market in Australia is a competitive market and there are many good alternatives available to you if Bigpond isn’t meeting your needs. You can learn more about Internet Service Providers in Australia by going to this site: www.ispaustralia.com

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