Where is webmail in outlook?

Where is webmail in outlook?

When people are working with Microsoft office outlook, they find the webmail function is not included. Most of them don’t know why or where to find it; therefore how to use this feature? Let’s go through the following article and share some knowledge about Outlook WebMail with you.

What is webmail in outlook? How does Outlook Web Mail work?

What is webmail in outlook? How does Outlook Web Mail work? As for the first question, it refers to the free online email service which you can use via a web browser and access through the Outlook interface. However, this function is only available on business and enterprise versions of Microsoft office outlook. About how does Outlook Web Mail work, it will pop up a new window which is different from the outlook interface, and use this window to view and read emails.

This function provides by the Outlook Exchange server; we can access Microsoft webmail through Outlook if we have an account on this server. By default, Microsoft office outlook 2003 and 2007 have been already pre-configured to work with the Microsoft Exchange server. So you can access webmail easily soon after you install Office outlook.

Here are the steps of using Outlook WebMail to read or send emails:

Step1 – Firstly, open your Outlook interface and click “Tools” on the menu bar;

Step 2 – Then pick the “E-mail Accounts” option;

Step 3 – Click “View or change existing e-mail accounts” and you should see the following window;

Step 4 – You can click “Add a new e-mail account” to add your webmail email;

Step 5 – Input the webmail email address and password, then click “More Settings;”

Step 6 – Finally, choose “Outgoing Server” and click the radio button of “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication,” input your username and password in the corresponding text boxes;

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