what is Dreamhost?

what is Dreamhost?

In this post, I will answer that question as well as give a brief description of what Dreamhost is. Plus, I’m going to include a step by step tutorial on signing up for Dreamhost

Dreamhost is a company that offers web hosting services. The company has been around since 1997 and was one of the first web hosting companies to offer Linux-based services.  They currently have two different plans available: a shared plan and a VPS (Virtual Private Server) plan.  I personally use their shared plan as my web host, but I may switch over to the VPS in the future.

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Before signing up for Dreamhost, you must first understand what a web host is and why people even need one. If you already know the meaning of a web host, feel free to skip over this part.

A web host is basically a place on the Internet where websites are stored so that when someone types in your website’s URL (e.g.,  mywebsite.com ) they will be able to view your site (and anything else you have on that web host).  So, when you go and buy a domain it is associated with a particular web host.

In order for your website to appear on the Internet, your site needs to be hosted by a web host. It is possible to create and run a website on your computer (so it would only be available to you and anyone who has the address of your computer), but generally speaking, this is not something that people do.  Creating and hosting a website on your own computer is like creating and hosting a personal web page. People usually go with web hosts because they want their site to be available to anyone in the world.

The final thing you need to know before signing up for Dreamhost is what type of plan they offer. I have already mentioned there are two plans: a shared plan and a VPS plan.  A shared hosting plan is broadly used because it’s cheap. It’s cheaper than using your own computer to create and host a website.  With the shared plan you have access to your own webroot directory on the server, but all of the other directories are shared among everyone else who is signed up for that particular web host.

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