Webmail can’t be reached?

Webmail can’t be reached?

We have all been there, webmail won’t load and nothing seems to be able to fix it.

Usually, webmail goes down when you need it most, during rush hour or when you are in the middle of your workday.

Here are some tips that may solve your webmail issues:

1) Usually webmail is hosted on the same server as your web host, this means webmail can go down if there is an issue with your web host.

Sometimes web hosts like to schedule maintenance during their slowest hours (for example 1 AM Sunday) so it usually doesn’t matter for them.

Make sure you have a way of contacting your web host and that webmail is not the only contact for WebHost problems.

2) Make sure you have a valid username and password, sometimes webmail goes down because it doesn’t recognize your username or password. This issue is common when people make their Webhosting account longer than 10 characters (because webmail can only accept 10 characters in a username, Webhosting forms vary).

3) Check your web browser settings, webmail can sometimes stop working if you have web browser security settings too high. This is common with Internet Explorer and Chrome web browsers.

4) Refresh and Clear Cache – this should be the first thing you do after logging in to webmail, but it should also be the first thing you try when webmail is unaccessible.

Refreshing webmail usually solves webmail issues, just refresh the web browser by pressing CTRL+F5 (this will clear web browsers memory and cache). If this does not work, try the next steps.

If you are still having trouble after refreshing the web browser or clearing your web browser cache, try to completely close the web browser and reopen it.

Clear your web browser’s memory and web browser cache before trying again.

5) Access webmail through an alternate web browser, webmail should work with other web browsers until you restart your computer or web browser.

6-7) If these steps did not fix the issue, webmail is down and you will have to wait until Webhosting fixes it.

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