Primus Webmail 7.0.

Primus Webmail 7.0.

Primus has just released their newest webmail client, Primus Webmail 7.0. This new version offers a variety of new features and enhancements over the previous version, 6.0. Some of the new features include an updated user interface, faster performance, and better spam filtering.

In addition, Primus Webmail 7.0 also includes several bug fixes that were present in the previous version. If you are looking for a new webmail client that offers superior performance and features, then be sure to check out Primus Webmail 7.0!

1. Download the latest version of Primus Webmail 7.0.

2. Uninstall your current version of Primus Webmail.

3. Install and open your new copy of Primus Webmail 7.0.

4. Login with your username and password.

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5. Click on the “Settings” tab at the top left corner.

6. Select “Accounts” from the menu that pops up.

7. Create a new account by clicking on “+ Add Account“.

8. Fill out all required information for each account you want to add, including name, email address, password, security question answer (if applicable), and phone number (optional).

9. Repeat steps 7-8 as needed until you’ve added every account you need to this computer or mobile device.


Primus Webmail 7.0 is the fastest and most secure email service available, with a rich feature set that includes full-text search and document collaboration capabilities. It’s also easy to use! Contact us for more details about how we can help you take your business communications into the future!