Office 365 Webmail Shared Mailbox.

Office 365 Webmail Shared Mailbox.

The shared mailbox is a new feature in Office 365 that provides an easy way to share the email with co-workers. It can be used for anything from sending out company announcements, to sharing important information with other departments. This blog post will show you how to set up and manage your shared mailbox in Exchange Online. There are many benefits of using the shared mailbox, but one of the best features is that it can help cut down on inbox clutter by allowing employees access to emails without needing their own account or license.

1. Create a new shared mailbox.

2. Assign permissions for the shared mailbox.

3. Configure email forwarding to your primary account.

4. Add mailboxes to the shared mailbox.

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5. Forward all incoming messages from other accounts into your new shared mailbox.

6. Set up auto-reply rules on your main account so you don’t have to check multiple inboxes every day.


If you’ve followed the steps outlined in this blog post, then your Office 365 Webmail Shared Mailbox should be up and running. We hope that you found it useful! Are there any questions we can answer for you? Let us know by sending an email to or giving us a call at 1-844-707-7486 (Toll-Free).