Microsoft Webmail Exchange.

Microsoft Webmail Exchange.

Microsoft Exchange is a webmail service offered by Microsoft. It is an email, calendar, and contact management system that allows users to access their email from any computer with internet access. The exchange also provides a secure way for users to collaborate on projects and share calendars. The service is available as part of Microsoft Office 365 or can be purchased separately.

1. Go to

2. Enter your username and password.

3. If you don’t have an account, click on “create account“.

4. Follow the instructions that are given to set up your email account.

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5. Add additional security by setting up two-step verification for your Microsoft Webmail Exchange account.

6. Set up a custom greeting message for when people send you emails or call you using Skype for Business.

7. Manage what types of notifications will show in your inbox by clicking “select how often I receive messages from these senders” at the top left of the page and then selecting which sender(s) you want notifications from.

8. Click “show all folders” at the bottom right corner of the screen to see everything stored in this folder including subfolders, spam, sent items, drafts, deleted items, etc.).

9. To delete old messages so they no longer take up space in your inbox go to Sent Items > select all > trash them > press delete key/click the delete button at the bottom right corner.


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