Complete Information About Zen Webmail.

Zen WebmailComplete Information About Zen Webmail.

Zen Webmail is an email that has been simplified to the point where it’s almost too simple. With Zen Webmail, there are no folders, no attachments, and you can’t even use HTML formatting in your emails. This may sound like a nightmare for people who need to organize their inboxes or attach files to messages; however, Zen Webmail also offers powerful search tools that make organizing your inbox easy enough.

Plus, the minimalist design of this interface makes reading through your emails pleasant instead of tedious – which is always a good thing! Check out our blog post if you’re interested in learning more about how Zen Webmail works!

1. What is Zen Webmail?

Zen Webmail is an email service that’s available to users for free. Zen Webmail was created by Zen Internet Ltd, which is a British company dedicated to providing reliable web-based services within the UK. They operate out of offices in Leeds, UK and have been around since 1995! ZenWebMail has two large operation centers not far from Leeds; one in Nottingham and the other in Halifax.

Zen Webmail is a great choice for those who want an easy to use, yet powerful email system where you can access your messages with different devices like your phone, tablet, or computer.

2. How to get started with Zen Webmail?

When you first create your Zen Webmail account, you’ll automatically be given a username and password – no other information is required. Zen Webmail doesn’t require that you fill out any forms or use your real name as part of the signup process, which means that if you’re concerned about privacy then Zen Webmail will keep those concerns at bay.

Zen Webmail also won’t require you to use a phone number or any other sort of identifying information as part of your login process, which means Zen Webmail can be used from anywhere in the world!

3. Is Zen Webmail free?

Yes! ZenWebMail is totally free, and it gives users access to a number of different tools that can be used to keep track of an email account. Zen Webmail has a search tool, auto-responder, and even a calendar that you can use from your Zen Webmail dashboard. ZenWebMail is also compatible with all kinds of devices – most notably they offer apps for both iOS and Android – so Zen Webmail is easy to use even if you’re trying to access your Zen WebMail account from a mobile phone.

Zen WebMail also offers both IMAP and POP3 support, which means that Zen Webmail can be used for more than just emailing – Zen Webmail can be used for texting, tweeting, and even calling (since Zen Webmail offers both VoIP and Video Calling)!

4. Creating your account and setting up your profile.

Creating an account with Zen Webmail is fast, easy, and it only takes a few minutes to get started. All you’ll need to do is select your name, username, password (each of these should be at least 6 characters in length), enter your email address, and then create your Zen Webmail profile by entering information about yourself – mainly your name and age. Zen Webmail also offers a ZenWebMail profile picture tool that makes it easy to upload an image from your computer, phone, or tablet…but you don’t have to upload a ZenWebMail profile picture!

5. Setting up email accounts for other people on your computer or mobile device.

Zen Webmail offers users the ability to create email addresses for different people, which means Zen Webmail is perfect for anyone who needs to keep track of an entire family’s email accounts. Zen Webmail allows you to set up as many as 10 different email addresses on your Zen WebMail account, and each one of those email accounts can be given out to different people. Zen Webmail also allows you to attach email addresses to Zen WebMail accounts that are already existing – so if your child already has a ZenWebMail account then all you’ll need to do is attach their ZenWebMail address!

6. How much space does Zen Webmail have?

Zen Webmail offers users 15 GB of space to store emails, files, and ZenWebMail profiles. Zen Webmail also lets users share their ZenWebMail accounts with other Zen Internet Ltd services – like Zen Internet Mail or Zen DSL – which can free up even more space for your important ZenWebMail information!

7. Configuring notifications, signatures, and preferences.

Configuring Zen Webmail is as easy as clicking a few boxes and selecting where you want to save your ZenWebMail photos, videos, and other ZenWebMail attachments. ZenWebMail offers users the ability to select different notification preferences that match Zen Webmail’s mobile apps – so if you turn notifications off then those settings will be applied to Zen WebMail on your tablet, phone, and ZenWebMail. ZenWebMail also offers users the ability to select different ZenWebMail preferences like ZenWebMail notifications, signature preferences (for Zen Mail), and Zen Webmail’s message editor.

8. Backing up your ZenWebMail account to another device.

Zen Webmail accounts can be backed up to another Zen Webmail device, which means ZenWebMail users can transfer Zen Webmail accounts between their Zen Webmail computers and Zen WebMail mobile apps! ZenWebMail even offers users the ability to link ZenWebMails together so that they can backup more than one ZenWebMail account on multiple devices.


If you’re looking for a new email provider or want to improve your current one, Zen Webmail is definitely worth checking out. They offer Google Apps integration and unlimited storage with no setup fees. With their easy-to-use interface and clean design, it’s the perfect way to stay organized at work – even on the go! Want more information about how we can help you get started? Contact our team of experts today to learn more about what we’ve got in store for your business!