Complete Guide About Yunet Webmail.

Yunet Webmail

Complete Guide About Yunet Webmail.

Yunet Webmail is an email service that offers a lot of features to its users. With this webmail, you can use it on your mobile phones and tablets too. You can also receive notifications for new messages through push mail. Sign up with Yunet now!

1. What is Yunet Webmail?

Yunet Webmail is a web-based email service that offers you many features and functionalities. Yunet is also available for mobile devices and it is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. Yunet can notify you of new messages through push notifications so you will never miss anything important again!

2. How Do I Sign Up Yunet Webmail?

Yunet webmail is not only available for desktops and laptops, but it can also be used on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. All you need to do is sign up Yunet now and simply enter your details!

3. What Can Yunet Webmail Do For Me?

Yunet provides many useful features that include: Yunet Address Book Yunet Calendar Yunet File Manager Yunet Notifications Yunet Spam Filters

4. How to Add New Contacts in Yunet Webmail?

You can manage all your contacts by adding them to Yunet webmail. There are 3 ways you can do it: Search for the contact’s email address and add him/her Yunet Address Book Import the contacts from your phone Yunet Calendar Connect your Facebook account to Yunet

5. How Can I Export Contacts from Yunet Webmail?

You can export all of your contact data using Yunet File Manager. However, you cannot export a single contact’s data. It is also not possible to import contacts from Yunet to other webmail providers.

6. How Can I Clear my Yunet Webmail Deleted Items?

Contacts are kept in Yunet Address Book, they are not deleted. You can clear Yunet Spam Filters by clicking the ‘Empty’ button, this will remove all spam messages from your inbox.

7. How Can I Add Attachments Yunet Webmail?

Yunet provides a file manager that allows you to add attachments from your computer. You just have to drag and drop files into Yunet File Manager.

8. How Do I Send an Attachment Yunet Webmail?

There are several ways in which you can send attachments in Yunet webmail: Choose a file from Yunet File Manager Drag and drop files into Yunet Message Box Attach files as an email attachment Email yourself the file and send it from Yunet Inbox

9. How Do I Change My Yunet Webmail Password?

You can change your Yunet webmail password by going to Settings > Options. Enter your current Yunet webmail password and then enter your new password twice. You can also change Yunet’s profile picture by clicking Settings > Options.

10. Yunet Webmail Support:

Yunet offers both Live Chat and Ticket systems to its users to provide them with convenient customer support service. Customers can send their queries through the website or they can contact Yunet customer support on their contact page by submitting the details of Yunet webmail.


Yunet Webmail is a new email service that provides you with more privacy, security, and customization. You can create your domain name for free to give the mail address a professional look. It also offers unlimited storage space so you never have to delete old emails again! To learn more about this innovative company please visit their website at