Complete Guide about Rackspace Webmail.

Rackspace WebmailComplete Guide about Rackspace Webmail.

Most people think that webmail is a simple thing. But there’s so much more to it than just checking your inbox and sending messages! Rackspace Webmail offers an extensive guide on how to do everything from setting up email forwarding, blocking spam, and troubleshooting problems with your account. This comprehensive guide will take you through the process of becoming a pro at using Rackspace Webmail for its many benefits.

1. What is Rackspace Webmail? Rack

space Webmail is Rackspace’s web-based email solution which allows you to access your Rackspace email from any computer with internet access. Rackspace Webmail uses many of the same tools that are available on devices with desktop email applications but runs them through a web browser instead.

2. How to set up your account?

Rackspace Webmail makes it easy to set up your Rackspace email account. You can choose from three different plans: Rackspace Basic, Rackspace Plus, and Rackspace Advanced. Each plan has a variety of features to give you as much control as you want over your Rackspace email experience. The first thing you’ll need is an active Rackspace account. Rack

Rackspace offers many types of Rackspace email hosting plans, so be sure to choose the one that is right for you at The Rackspace Basic plan comes with 1GB of storage space, 50GB of monthly bandwidth, and support for up to 10 email accounts (email forwarding included). Rackspace Plus offers 5GB of storage space with monthly bandwidth up to 100GB, and Rackspace Advanced gives you a robust 15 GB of Rackspace email storage in addition to full-featured spam and virus protection.

For the Rackspace Basic plan choose “Rackspace Email” from the list of plans at Email plans Rackspace.

For the Rackspace Plus plan choose “Email & Apps” from the list of plans at Email plans Rackspace

For the Rackspace Advanced plan choose “All-Inclusive” from the list of plans at Rackspace Email plans Rackspace

After you choose which plan is right for you, Rackspace will confirm your choice and provide a link to the Rackspace Webmail sign-in page. You can also visit and click on “Launch RackSpace Email” to head directly to Rackspace Webmail. Rackspace RackSpace Rackspace

Once you’ve set up your Rackspace email account, there are a few steps that need to be taken to fully activate Rackspace Webmail. For example, if you have a custom domain name that is not associated with a Rackspace email account yet, Rackspace Webmail will not be able to send an email on your behalf. Rackspace RackSpace Rackspace

3. I’ve signed up for Rackspace Email, now what?

After you sign in with your Rackspace email address and password, you’ll need to configure the following settings to take full advantage of Rackspace Webmail: Rackspace RackSpace Rackspace

1) Change Rackspace Email Preferences You can configure Rackspace Webmail preferences by clicking the “Preferences” tab at the top of your Rackspace email inbox. As you adjust these preferences, you’ll find that your web portal will change to accommodate the new settings. Rackspace Rack Space Rackspace Rackspace RackSpace Rackspace Rackspace Rack Rack

2) Configure Email Forwarding allows you to redirect incoming Rackspace emails to another email address that you own. You can also choose a domain name or alias, which will allow you to receive an email at a custom address without having a website there. For example, if you own the domain name “” and want Rackspace Webmail to email all of your Rackspace email to an address like [email protected], then this is how you would set it up: RackSpace Rackspace RackSpace Rack

4. The benefits of using Rackspace Webmail.

The webmail interface that Rackspace offers is easy to use and understand. It has the same features as any desktop email client but runs through a browser instead of traditional processor-based desktop mail clients.

Rackspace Email comes with spam and virus protection, as well as a built-in antivirus scanner. A new feature that Rackspace has added to its email platform is Inbound Security, which basically scans the emails you receive for security threats and warns you if there is anything suspicious.

5. FAQs about Rackspace Webmail.

Q. Rackspace Email does not have a mobile app?

A. RackSpace Webmail can be accessed from any mobile device that has a browser by going to

Q. How many email addresses can I have with Rackspace?

A. Rackspace currently supports up to 100 email addresses on a single Rackspace account

Q. Does Rackspace Webmail include virus and spam protection?

A. Yes, the antivirus scanners for viruses and malware are included with all paid subscriptions.

Q. What browsers can I use Rackspace Webmail with?

A. You can access Rackspace Webmail from any browser that is currently a supported browser of your email platform of choice, or if you are on the free plan, from any web browser.


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