Complete Guide About Ku Webmail.

Ku WebmailComplete Guide About Ku Webmail.

Ku Webmail is one of the most popular email services in Kenya. It offers an awesome web-based email service that can be accessed on any device with a browser and internet connection. Ku’s user-friendly interface allows for easy setup, browsing, and use which makes it the perfect solution for individuals who are not tech-savvy or have limited access to computers. This post will give you everything you need to know about Ku webmail!

1. What is Kcom Webmail?

Ku webmail is a web-based free email hosting service that lets you manage multiple email addresses from one Ku account. Ku allows users to enjoy its excellent features and services which include:

• Pushing emails to your phone via SMS or email notifications

• Enable/disable the read status of emails

• Save attachments directly in your Ku inbox

• Customize the Ku Inbox appearance

2. How to Sign Up for Kcom Webmail? To

1. Go to Ku website

2. Click on “Create an Account”

3. Choose “I’m a new user” and click “Sign up”. Follow the registration process by providing your email address, picking a password, verifying your account via SMS code, and completing other steps as requested. That’s it! Ku will send you an email with your login details.

3. How to Login and Use Kcom Webmail?

1. To login Ku webmail, go to the Ku website

2. Click on “Login”

3. Enter your login details and click “Login”. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Facebook or Google accounts by clicking on the corresponding icon then following through with the prompts. Ku also provides a direct link to the Ku webmail login page,

4. How to set up Ku Email on your phone?

Kcom webmail lets you access your emails on mobile devices through its mobile site, but it’s even better if you can receive push notifications for new messages to your Ku inbox. Ku provides a mobile-friendly site which you can access by going to from your mobile device browser, but the easiest way is to download Ku’s free app for iOS and Android devices from their respective stores. The Ku app allows you to receive push notifications for new messages in your Ku email inbox, view your Ku contacts list, create Ku address book entries that you can use when sending emails to Ku users, and save attachments directly in your Ku inbox.

5. How is Ku Webmail Different From Other Popular Email Services?

1. Ku provides free email hosting with limited storage space (2GB)

2. Ku is web-based, allowing you to access your emails from any device with a browser

3. Ku provides push notifications for new messages

4. Ku allows users to customize their inbox appearance and manage email folders

5. Ku offers an advanced spam filter and keeps viruses off your account

6. Ku’s security features like password protected Ku folders, Ku app passwords, and 2-step verification make it one of the most secure email services

7. Ku offers group chat through its Ku Talk service

8. Ku provides an advanced contact manager that lets you easily manage your address book entries

9. Ku allows users to customize their inbox appearance by adding stickers

10. Ku provides a Ku go button in the Ku app that lets you view, reply to, forward, delete, or archive messages in your Ku inbox

11. Ku also allows its users to encrypt their emails by creating an encrypted Ku folder that can only be viewed with your corresponding Ku App password

12. Ku offers advanced spam filtering to keep viruses away

13. Ku allows users to create Ku contacts lists that can be used when sending emails to Ku users

14. Ku provides an advanced search function, through which you can search for specific email messages and files in your Ku inbox

15. Ku offers group chat with its Ku Talk service

6. What are the Features of Kcom Webmail?

Ku Webmail offers an advanced spam filter that keeps viruses off your Ku email inbox. Ku also provides anti-virus scanning for all incoming messages, folders, and files through its virus scanner service. Ku allows users to create Ku folders (similar to Gmail’s labels) on their Ku webmail accounts to easily organize emails by topic or sort them into respective “Inbox”, “Drafts”, “Sent Items” and Ku folders. Ku allows users to create password-protected Ku folders, which can only be opened with a corresponding Ku app password (similar to Gmail’s private mode).


To really get the most out of Ku Webmail, you need to know how it works and what features are available. Luckily for you, we’ve created this guide so that you can take advantage of all these great tools and be more productive than ever before! We hope that with our help your experience using Ku is a lot better than in the past. You’ll find everything from creating an email address to adding labels and clients in this article. If there’s anything else you want us to add or change about Ku Webmail, feel free to contact us at any time by leaving a comment on any blog post or sending an email.”