Complete Guide About Kinect Webmail.

Kinect WebmailComplete Guide About Kinect Webmail.

This blog post is about the Kinect Webmail. It’s a great way to check your email without having to type or use a mouse. You can read messages, reply, delete messages, and much more all from the comfort of your living room couch! The best part? No one will know you’re checking your email in your pajamas! In this guide, I’ll go over everything you need to know about setting up and using Kinect Webmail. Let’s get started- it’s easy as pie!

1. What is Kinect Webmail?

Kinect Webmail is Kinect’s very own email program. It has all the features you’d expect from an email service, but now you can check your mail without having to type or use a mouse!

2. How do I make an account?

Kinect Webmail can send and receive emails, but you’ll need an email address to start using it. Kinect works with the most popular email providers, such as Gmail and other Google apps, Yahoo! Mail,, AOL Mail, etc.

To use Kinect Webmail you’ll need to register for an account on Kinect’s website.  All you need is your login information from your existing email provider (Gmail or whatever). Kinect will try to find your email, but make sure you type in your full address (username@gmail. com, for example) if Kinect doesn’t find it right away.

You’ll be taken to Kinect’s homepage when you’ve successfully signed up for an account.

3. How do I get started using Kinect Webmail?

Kinect To get started using Kinect Webmail, just sign in to Kinect’s website with your new account. Kinect will verify your email address and some basic settings will be set up for you automatically, including security measures to protect your account.

You’ll then see Kinect’s homepage. Along the top, there are buttons that allow you to check your new messages, compose a new email, view your contacts, and more. Kinect automatically loads any unread or new messages in the Kinect Inbox. Kinect However, if you have other folders for your email (such as spam, etc.), Kinect will not load those until you click on them.

Along the left side of Kinect’s webpage is a toolbar with options to search your Kinect Inbox, send a new message, manage folders, and more. Kinect

4. What are Kinect’s security measures?

Kinect takes security quite seriously- the Kinect website uses industry-standard technology called SSL to encrypt all of your information before it is sent across the network. That means that even if someone intercepted what you were sent, they would still not be able to read it. Kinect also uses an authentication protocol called OAuth 2.0 for secure authorization between Kinect and Kinect user accounts, allowing Kinect to securely sign in with your Kinect credentials without having to store the password on Kinect’s website.

5. How to set up your account?

Kinect Webmail is very intuitive so you shouldn’t have any problems finding the settings. Kinect

To set up Kinect Webmail, click on your username to bring up Kinect’s account menu. Kinect Click ‘Settings’ (grey button) and then ‘Account’. Kinect This will take you to one of Kinect’s security settings where you can click ‘Edit’ to manage Kinect’s security protocols. Kinect will automatically use your Kinect username and password as well as Kinect’s timeout settings, but you should review all other settings to make sure they’re the way you want them. Kinect

6. How to use the new features on Kinect Webmail?

Kinect now offers a lot of great new features to make you’re emailing quick and easy! Kinect allows you to swipe or flick messages out of the Kinect Inbox so that you can easily see any future emails from the same sender without having to open them. Kinect also gives you more control over deleting, moving, and labeling your emails. Kinect also gives you the option to receive notifications whenever a message arrives from a Kinect contact. Kinect You can turn these notifications on and off in Kinect’s settings menu, and you’ll find different notification settings for new emails and contacts as well! Kinect

7. Link to sign up for a free trial of the service. Kinect Kinect


The Kinect Webmail platform has been designed to be as intuitive and effortless as possible. With a few simple steps, you can have the same experience on your desktop or mobile device that you would get from using our online web portal at! We hope this guide will help answer any questions you may have about how to use Kinect Webmail so please contact us if we can do anything else for you now or in the future.