The Ultimate Guide To GCI Webmail.

GCI WebmailThe Ultimate Guide To GCI Webmail.

This post will show you how to sign up for GCI Webmail, install the app on your phone or tablet, and set up your account with Gmail. Once you have completed these steps, you can check your email from anywhere! You’ll also be able to send emails using Gmail’s web interface. We’ll go over everything step by step so it’s easy for anyone to do this!

1. What is GCI Webmail?

GCI Webmail is GCI’s version of an email service. GCI stands for General Communications, Inc., which is a telecommunications company in Alaska that provides wireless phone and internet services to GCI customers. GCI Webmail uses the Gmail interface but has GCI branding all over it.

2. GCI Webmail Sign Up To get GCI Webmail for yourself:

You’ll need to sign up for GCI’s wireless internet service. GCI currently only offers 3G wireless internet services, but they do offer it in most parts of Alaska (excluding much of the Aleutian islands). GCI now has LTE (4G) internet available in some areas as well! You can check GCI’s coverage map to see if GCI Webmail is available in your area. GCI offers wireless internet for $55/month and up, depending on the speed and data cap you need.

Now that GCI has LTE (4G) internet services available in some parts of Alaska, GCI customers get a discount on GCI Webmail. GCI Webmail is only $2/month for GCI wireless internet customers!

3. GCI Webmail App GCI offers:

GCI Webmail on iPhones and Android phones through an app called GCI Mail+. GCI recently just redid their GCI Mail+ app, so it’s a lot nicer than it used to be! GCI Mail+ offers a lot of additional features that GCI Webmail doesn’t offer, so GCI Webmail is only included with GCI Mail+. GCI also offers GCI Mail+ for Windows phones.

GCI Mail+ has push notifications for new emails, allows you to download attachments before opening them, has a large attachment size, and GCI does not limit the number of emails you can have in your GCI Mail+ inbox. You can check GCI’s GCI Mail+ page for more information about GCI Mail+.

4. Creating and sending an email.

GCI offer GCI Webmail through Gmail, but GCI’s GCI Webmail includes GCI’s branding all over it. GCI does not make any major changes to the GCI Webmail interface, so this tutorial will go over how you would use GCI Webmail if you didn’t have GCI Wireless internet service.

5.To create and send GCI Webmail.

-Launch the GCI Webmail in your GCI Mail+ app or visit GCI Webmail using a web browser. GCI does not offer GCI Webmail through Gmail, so you can only access GCI Webmail if you have GCI Wireless internet service.

-Log into GCI Webmail using your GCI username and GCI password. GCI Webmail is web-based, so you can log in with GCI’s GCI Mail+ app or use GCI Webmail through a web browser on your phone.

-Begin writing an email by clicking the “Compose” button. You will reach the GCI Webmail interface, although GCI’s GCI branding is everywhere. GCI did not change the GCI Webmail interface from Gmail so you can use GCI Webmail just like you would normally use Gmail.

-In GCI Webmail, click “Attach” and choose a file to attach to your email. From here, it works just like Gmail, so GCI Webmail offers the same file types for attachments as Gmail does. GCI only allows you to send email through GCI Webmail if you have GCI Wireless internet service.

6. Setting up a signature line for all of your messages.

GCI Webmail does not allow GCI customers to set up different signatures for GCI Mail+. GCI Webmail will automatically use the GCI signature for GCI Mail+. GCI’s GCI branding is all over GCI Webmail, so you can’t remove or change any of GCI’s branding on the interface.


GCI webmail is a great way to stay connected with those you love. We hope this guide has helped answer some of your questions about the service and we look forward to hearing from you as well!