A Complete Guide To FDU Webmail.

FDU WebmailA Complete Guide To FDU Webmail.

The FDU Webmail service is a secure and reliable way to access your email. This article will walk you through the process of logging into your account, checking for new messages, and reading old ones.

1. What is FDU Webmail?

FDU Webmail is FDU’s official email service. You can access your FDU account from any computer that is connected to the Internet, just as you would with other popular email providers like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.

2. How to log in to FDU Webmail?

Go to FDU Webmail, located at FDU.edu/webmail If you are not FDU students, staff, or faculty, go to FDU.edu/access This will direct you to the login page where you can log into FDU Webmail

3. How do I check my mail?

Once you have logged in, FDU Webmail will take you to a list of your new messages. All mail still in FDU’s mail servers will appear on the new page, regardless of when it was sent. FDU Webmail also shows you what type of massage has been received – for instance, an email from FDU would be listed separately from a junk email.

4. How do I read my mail?

All FDU Webmail accounts have two folders: Inbox and Spam. FDU’s spam filter is very effective, so you should not receive any junk email in your Inbox folder. FDU Webmail also allows you to delete messages, star them for later reference, or file them away in different folders. FDU Webmail will automatically create folders for you, but you can delete any that you do not need.

5. Where else is FDU Webmail used?

FDU Webmail accounts are also known as FDUNet accounts or FDUAOL accounts, and they are very popular on FDU’s campus. FDU Webmail accounts are used for personal use on FDU’s network, but FDUNet accounts can also be used to access FDU servers while off-campus. FDUAOL accounts can be used to access FDU servers while off-campus without the need for VPN software.

6. How do I set up my FDU Webmail for FDUNet/FDUAOL access?

FDU Webmail accounts are automatically configured to use FDUNet or FDUAOL when you log in, but if this is not the case you will need to contact FDU IT at 973-443-3120 or FDUIT@fdu.edu so that they can change your FDU Webmail settings. FDU will need to know your FDU account name and password, as well as the FDUNet/FDUAOL address you would like to use. The FDUNet address is fdunet@fdu.edu, while the FDUAOL email address is fduaol@fdu.edu. FDU Webmail settings can be changed only by FDU IT, and FDUNet/FDUAOL accounts cannot be used to log into FDU Webmail.

7. How do I log out of FDU Webmail?

Go back to FDU Webmail and click the arrow on the top right of your screen. FDU Webmail will ask if you would like to log out and click Log Out once you have decided what to do. If you are using FDUNet/FDUAOL, FDU Webmail will automatically log out after a few minutes. FDU IT recommends changing your password often for FDUNet/FDUAOL FDU Webmail users.


We hope this article has helped guide you to use the FDU Webmail platform. The next time you are looking for an email service provider, remember that your data is at risk when using a free web-based email account. All FDU students should sign up today!