Dodo Webmail Login Process Guide.

Dodo WebmailDodo Webmail Login Process Guide.

Dodo Webmail is a free email service that has been around since the late 1990s. It is an easy-to-use, online webmail service where you can access your emails anywhere with an internet connection. The best thing about Dodo Webmail is that it’s completely free!

1. What is webmail?

Dod Webmail is a free webmail service, commonly called webmail. Webmail is an online email system where people can log in from wherever they have internet access to read and send emails. Dodo ‘hosts’ your emails for you, meaning it stores all of your emails on its servers rather than you having to store them yourself on your own computers, like with other email services such as Gmail or Outlook. Dodo also offers antivirus and spam filtering for Dodo Webmail accounts. The Dodo servers scan emails before downloading them to your Dodo account, removing viruses and spam. For this reason, you should never sign up for Dodo using an @gmail address; it will be flagged as spam and you won’t receive your Dodo activation email.

2. Dodo Webmail Sign Up Process?

Dodo also offers a free trial for its antivirus service to new Dodo users. If you sign up for Dodo using an existing email address, such as @gmail or @yahoo, the antivirus will automatically be activated for your Dodo account. Dodo requires you to sign up with an active email address due to the antivirus service; we’ll get into that in more detail shortly.

To activate Dodo Webmail, go to and click ‘Sign Up’ at the top of the page, then click ‘Create Dodo Account’. Fill out all the details Dodo asks for, and make sure you choose an active email address (one which you actually use). Dodo requires your real name due to legal requirements, but Dodo Webmail does not require your phone number as some ISP providers do.

Dodo asks for your full home address only because of Australia’s postal system and Dodo’s relationship with Australia Post. Dodo doesn’t require you to enter your mobile number, so don’t bother entering it if Dodo does not ask for it. Dodo will send a verification email to the address you enter during sign-up.

You must receive this email in order to activate Dodo Webmail! Check your spam folder if you don’t see Dodo’s activation email in your inbox. You can also try to sign up using a different email address, such as a Gmail or Hotmail address. Dodo does not require verification for those email addresses, so you should receive Dodo’s activation email immediately!

3. Dodo Webmail Login Process?

Step 1: Visit Dodo Webmail at

Step 2: You will see this screen full of email folders. Click the ‘Login’ link below it (marked in red).

Step 3: Enter your Dodo username and password in the format shown here, then click ‘Login’. Dodo does not require your Dodo password to be in any particular format, so Dodo Webmail does not support ‘password style’ logins.

Tip: Dodo’s webmail login is case-sensitive!

4. Dodo Webmail Folders?

Once you have successfully logged into Dodo Webmail, you will see your Dodo Webmail folders and an email.

Dodo Webmail has 6 default folders, each with a different purpose:

Inbox – Your inbox contains all emails sent to your Dodo address.

Sent Mail – Dodo separates ‘sent’ emails from your inbox so you can see which emails you have sent out.

Trash – Emails are automatically deleted from Dodo Webmail after 6 months if you don’t log in to Dodo.

Spam – Dodo scans all incoming emails and separates spam messages from the rest of your Dodo inbox.

Bulk Mail – Dodo stores bulk mail (such as newsletters) until you delete them yourself.

Junk Email – Dodo sends ‘junk’ emails to this folder. Dodo does not provide a way to customize Dodo Webmail folders, so Dodo automatically titles all of its folders with the word ‘Inbox’ unless they are stored in other folders. Dodo calls all emails that have been sent from your Dodo address as being ‘sent’.

Dodo separates these emails into the ‘Sent’ section so you can see which Dodo emails have been sent out. Dodo scans all incoming messages for viruses and spam, and Dodo puts them in a separate folder so they don’t take up space in your Dodo inbox. Dodo stores email from bulk senders until you delete them yourself.

4. Is there a limit to how many emails can be sent or received?

At Dodo, we offer no limits on the number of emails you can send or receive.

5. Is Dodo Webmail secure?

[Yes] Dodo uses SSL encryption to ensure your Dodo Webmail account is secure. Dodo encrypts all web traffic and ensures that any personal information sent from your browser is secured and cannot be read by anyone else. Dodo also ensures that any information Dodo receives from your browser is secured and cannot be read by anyone else. Dodo Webmail uses a unique session ID to distinguish between you and other Dodo Webmail users who may be using the same computer.

6. Can you access dodo webmail from anywhere in the world?

Yes! Dodo Webmail is a web-based email system, so Dodo customers can access Dodo Webmail from anywhere in the world.

7. Can you add more than one Dodo account to Dodo Webmail?

No, Dodo only allows one Dodo account per Dodo Webmail login.

8. Dodo Webmail Mobile?

Dodo Webmail users can access Dodo Webmail from a mobile smartphone, tablet, or another web-enabled device. Dodo offers a custom version of Dodo Webmail designed for viewing on a mobile phone.

The Dodo iPhone app is available free in the Apple App Store and allows you to send emails, attachments, and pictures from Dodo Webmail to your Dodo contacts through your iPhone.

The Dodo Droid app is available free in the Android Google Play store and allows you to send emails, attachments, and pictures from Dodo Webmail to your Dodo contacts through your Android smartphone or tablet.


With this guide, you will be able to log in to your Dodo Webmail account with ease. If for any reason the steps outlined in our article are not working for you or if you have encountered an error message while attempting to log in, please contact Dodo customer service at *protected email* and they will help troubleshoot your issue promptly. We hope that by following these simple steps, signing into Dodo Webmail should become a much simpler process.