Kingston HSC Webmail.

Kingston HSC Webmail.

Kingston HSC Webmail is a free, secure web-based email service for students at Kingston High School. This service is available to all full-time high school students that are enrolled in at least one course during the current semester. The system offers many features that make it easy to stay connected with your classmates and teachers, including automatic notifications of new messages via email or text message (SMS) and an auto-reply feature. All you need is internet access!

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This blog post will explore how I’ve used the Kingston HSC Webmail Service over the past four years of my high school career, as well as what features I like best about it.

1. Go to the Kingston HSC Webmail website

2. Click on “Webmail” in the top right corner of the page

3. Login with your username and password into your account

4. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Password?” under the login box

5. Enter a valid email address that is associated with your account

6. You will receive an email containing a link to reset your password and log into your Kingston HSC webmail account

PRO TIP: Write down all of your passwords in a safe place, such as a password manager! This will help you avoid the frustration of having to reset them when you get locked out.

2. Notification Emails

When Kingston High School sends an email about anything related to our school (ie- important announcements, reminders, upcoming events), Kingston HSC Webmail sends you a notification email immediately.

You can also configure Kingston HSC Webmail to send you email and/or text message notifications of any emails that contain certain keywords in the subject or body of the message. This is most useful if you want to be notified when your teachers send homework assignments, test information, revision notes, or additional lecture material. For example, I have configured Kingston HSC Webmail to notify me when my Chem teacher sends an email containing the phrase “Homework for this week”.

3. File Storage & Attachments

Kingston HSC Webmail provides 1GB of storage space per Kingston HSC account. Kingston High School also provides unlimited storage space for faculty and staff Kingston HSC Webmail accounts. The Kingston HSC Webmail service has no limitations on the number of email attachments that can be sent or received.

4. Email History

You can retain copies of your past Kingston HSC webmail messages for up to two years. Kingston HSC Webmail purges your archived messages on a regular basis, so be sure to regularly download copies of all important emails to avoid losing them forever!

5. Customizable Email

You can configure Kingston HSC Webmail to send you emails in HTML or plain text format, and choose whether Kingston HSC Webmail replies using your name or Kingston High School’s school email address. Kingston HSC Webmail automatically uses your name when replying to emails from Kingston High School faculty and staff.

6. Mobile Access

You can access Kingston HSC Webmail through a web browser on most smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices with an internet connection. This allows you to stay connected to Kingston HSC Webmail when you are in class, at home, or in between classes.

7. KingstonHSC Email Forwarding

You can forward Kingston HSC Webmail email messages to an external email account for safekeeping, archiving, and reference purposes! This is useful if Kingston High School requires that you keep a certain amount of Kingston HSC email history for records purposes (ie- if Kingston High School allows students to submit assignments electronically, you may be required to keep electronic copies of your Kingston HSC webmail messages), or if Kingston HSS elects not to provide Kingston HSC Webmail accounts in the future.


With these final steps, you are now set up to use Kingston HSC Webmail. We hope this guide has been helpful! If it was not, please feel free to reach out for help with any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!