Kinect Webmail Login.

Kinect Webmail Login.

I’ve spent the last few days with Microsoft Kinect and I’m in love. It’s an amazing piece of technology that is changing how we interact with our computers. This post will cover my experience with logging into my webmail account using Kinect for Windows.

I’ll use this blog post to show you step by step how to set up your computer, install the software, set up a profile, and grab some code so you can have access on any PC or Mac anywhere! You are going to be amazed at what it can do!

1. Download the Kinect Webmail app on your PC.

2. Login with your username and password.

3. Open the camera, point it at yourself, and scan your face to log in.

4. Click on “My Account” to access all of your mailboxes, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail.

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5. If you have multiple email addresses registered for account login purposes (i.e., work address), click on “Add Another Email Address” under My Account -> Settings -> Addresses.

6. Enter a new email address that you would like to use for login purposes.

7. Click Next at bottom of the page to save changes made above and return back to the My Account page – now you will see two different emails listed under “Your Emails“.

8. Select which one is appropriate for logging into webmail from this point forward by clicking on the desired email address next to “Log In With This Email Address” below the My Accounts -> Settings -> Addresses tab.

9. Use Microsoft’s Kinect device as an alternative means of accessing webmail from any computer or laptop without having a webcam installed.


If you’re looking to increase your email security, then opting for a two-step verification process is the way to go. With an added layer of authentication, hackers are less likely to be able to access your personal information. Plus, both Outlook and Gmail have these features built right in! It’s worth taking advantage of this protective measure because it could save you from identity theft or other cybersecurity issues later on down the road.