Justhost Webmail Server.

Justhost Webmail Server.

Justhost Webmail Server is a web-based email service that has been in the market since 1998. It offers features such as POP3/SMTP, IMAP4, and an MS Exchange connector to allow users to send emails from their desktop or laptop computer. The company also provides other services including web hosting, domain registration, VPS servers, and more. Read on for the full review of this provider’s services!

1. Log into your Justhost account.

2. Click on “Control Panel“.

3. Select “Email Accounts” from the menu bar.

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4. Click on “Add New Account” and follow the instructions to set up a new account with an email address of your choice.

5. Enter in any additional information requested by Justhost, such as POP or IMAP settings, and click save when you’re done setting up your account.

6. Open the web browser on your computer and type in the mail to:[email protected] (where [email protected] is replaced with whatever email address you created) to access the inbox for that specific email account.


We hope that this article has helped you better understand the basics of webmail servers and what they can do for your company. If you want to learn more about how we at Justhost WebMail Server can offer a webmail server service tailored just for your business, please contact us today! Our team is here to help with any questions or concerns you might have.