Is there a problem with Telstra webmail today?

If there is Telstra webmail today, what might it be used for?

What problems may arise when the web browser doesn’t work in harmony with a home computer and/or mobile device?

How might having access to personal information on the internet come with its own set of challenges?

What are some examples of ways that this information can be used?

There are many different purposes to which webmail can be put, depending on the goals of the person using it. It can provide access to mail for people who are out of town or otherwise unable to check their regular email accounts. Webmail can also provide access to work-related emails that an individual needs while at home. Webmail can also be used to access email from any location.

When a web browser doesn’t work in harmony with a home computer and/or mobile device, some websites may not load correctly or at all. This could lead to an individual missing out on discounts, sales, shipping updates, etc. from the website they are trying to access.

Having access to personal information on the internet can come with its own set of challenges since that information is available to everyone else who also has access. This could include people logging into an account and changing the password, then keeping it for themselves and not telling anybody so they could continue getting in. It could also involve somebody stealing the identity of another person.

Some websites use cookies, which are tiny files stored on your device, to gather information about users’ browsing habits. Websites can also gather information about how you arrived at their website (i.e. Google Analytics). Tracking your data helps companies know what types of products and services people might be interested in so they can tailor their marketing towards those demographics. Websites also use your information to tailor the ads you see, so they are more relevant to what you might be looking for.

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