Is Godaddy Webmail Secure?

The popularity of GoDaddy has grown exponentially in recent years. With its low prices, reliable customer support, and easy-to-use website builder it’s no wonder that so many customers are flocking to this web hosting provider. But is GoDaddy Webmail secure? Let’s take a look at the facts.

1. Why is Godaddy Webmail not secure?

As far as I know, Godaddy does not support encryption or SSL/TLS.

Google Apps for your Domain supports SSL/TLS so you can connect to Gmail with

2. Is it true that GoDaddy has access to your inbox?

Yes. GoDaddy can access the email inbox because it’s managed by them. Is that true of other domains as well?

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3. What does Gmail use to secure my email?

We support Transport Layer Security (TLS) which is an industry-standard that encrypts data between your computer and Gmail’s servers.

4. Is it true that GoDaddy has access to my inbox?

Google Apps takes your security seriously. Google employees are required at all times to respect the confidentiality of information they handle. We have strict internal policies to limit access by Google employees to confidential user data, and security controls to detect inappropriate employee access.


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