Is Earthlink Webmail Free?

Not many people realize that Earthlink is a webmail service. Is EarthLink webmail free? Well, not really. Their website says it requires a paid subscription to have regular email accounts which include POP3/SMTP support, anti-spam filters, and antivirus software.

Since their terms of services state, you must pay for these accounts, Earthlink isn’t a free email service. Is it possible to have a free account? Well, you can have an email account for free with Earthlink but you won’t be able to use POP3/SMTP support, anti-spam filters, and antivirus software.

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How do I check my emails from Earthlink when I don’t have an Earthlink account? Is it possible to use Earthlink email services without having an Earthlink email address? On their website, Earthlink provides a way for users to access their mail by using IMAP/SMTP, POP3, and Webmail.

Moreover, you can also download spam filter definitions manually or automatically. You can sign up for the Earthlink spam filter, which is separate from your email account.

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