Is Bell Webmail Down?

Bell Webmail isn’t down, but if you see a 503 error that is because the site has been blocked by your ISP.

If you can’t access a website or online service then it is often helpful to know whether the problem is with the website itself, or whether there’s something going on at your end that’s causing a problem.

If you’re seeing error codes or response messages then these can often be logged somewhere that will tell you whether the website itself is down. This information can be valuable to have if there’s a problem with your computer/network/internet connection etc.

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One commonplace this kind of information is logged are web servers themselves, or more specifically web server logs. Web servers are computer systems that host websites, and they often have the ability to log useful error messages or other information about problems with their services.

Normally, if you can’t access a website then this will be because the site is down, not your ISP’s net connection for example – but it’s always nice to check.

If you can’t access Bell Webmail, however, then it’s possible that your ISP is blocking the site – which often results in a 503 or 521 error.

If the site itself is up but you still can’t access it, then your ISP is blocking the site. It usually does this by modifying the domain name ( to something different ( If your browser doesn’t resolve any address for that domain, then it is assumed that the website is down.

Unfortunately, there’s no real way of knowing whether or not your ISP is responsible for the problem until you contact them and ask. When you do get in touch with them though they will usually explain why a website has been blocked, and how to fix it if possible. They might also be willing to unblock sites that are known to be blocked by mistake.

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