iprimus Webmail Setup.

iprimus Webmail Setup.

Iprimus webmail is a great way to access your email from any computer. To configure your iprimus webmail you will need to enter the following details: Host Name, POP3 Port, and SMTP Port & Server Address. In this article, I’ll show you how to set up iprimus webmail on an Apple Mac OS X computer using Mozilla Thunderbird as the mail client application.

1. Open a web browser

2. Enter www.iprimuswebmail.com in the address bar

3. Click on the ‘Sign In’ or ‘Create Account’ button

4. Fill out required fields for account creation/sign-in and click ‘create an account or ‘sign in’.

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5a) If you created a new account, enter your email address and password then click ‘continue’.

5b) If you signed in to your existing iprimus Webmail account, select the mail service provider from the drop-down list and enter your password to sign in then click ‘continue’.

6a) Select desired language from the drop-down menu if prompted to do so or leave as default English (US).

6b) Click “Next” at bottom of the page to access the settings page with tabs across the top of the screen including Mail Service Provider, Calendar, Contacts & Tasks, etc…

7) Select desired options under each tab that best suits what you want to use this service for (e.g., Gmail is only available if selected as Mail Service Provider).

8) Click Submit Settings at the bottom right corner of the screen when done configuring settings for your preferred needs.

9) You should be taken back to the iprimus webmail home page (if not, click the iprimus Webmail tab at the top left of the screen).

10) Select Thunderbird Mail Client from the iprimus Webmail Host Name drop-down menu.


We hope that the tips in this blog post have been helpful and will help you get started with your webmail setup. If you need any further assistance, please contact us for a consultation or to schedule an online training session.