HSC Webmail Remote.

HSC Webmail Remote.

The HSC has been running a remote webmail service for over a year now. This is the same service that the students, parents, and staff have used to access their email accounts since 2010. However, this new version will be much more efficient and secure than ever before!

1. Log in to your HSC account.

2. Click on the “Webmail” tab and then click on “Internet Explorer (IE)” or “Firefox”

3. Select a username that is not already taken.

4. Enter your password, and click on Submit.

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5. Once you have logged in successfully, enter your email address and password again to confirm it is correct.

6. You will now be able to access Webmail from any computer with an internet connection.

Note: HSC Webmail Remote only works from HSC computers, so if you need to use it from home or another computer, make sure you are connected to the HSC network.


If you’ve completed all the steps to this point, congratulations! You should now be able to access your HSC Webmail account in a web browser and send/receive email. Remember that when accessing your mail remotely, it may take some time for messages sent from other providers or on campus to arrive.