How to use webmail?

How to use webmail?

Webmail is a web-based email service, and it may be used to read and send emails from the web browsers of internet-connected devices.

Webmail can also be accessed via smartphone using a web browser app installed on the device. However, webmail is not considered as secure as other email services such as Microsoft Exchange server or Google Mail (Gmail).

– Find webmail in the web browser.

– A webmail page will pop up. The webmail page will look like an email inbox, with several folders such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, and many more depending on the webmail provider’s settings.

– Now select one of your emails using your mouse or keyboard arrow keys, and you’ll see the email displayed on webmail.

– You can view or edit this email using webmail, or to do it securely you may use a webmail client such as Outlook web access (commonly known as OWA) which will open in a new web browser window.

– To be able to send messages, webmail users will need to log in.

– Choose the webmail folder.

– Open an email using webmail.

– Click on “Compose”.

– A new window will pop up where you can write your message, address it to somebody and attach files or photos if necessary. You can also use webmail to search websites.

– When you are finished, click on “Send”. If there’s a problem with webmail, try to restart your browser and webmail. Webmail services have been known to have cases where they don’t load properly or work correctly in browsers that haven’t been updated recently. So please make sure you use the latest web browsers, webmail services, and webmail clients.

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