How to set up dodo webmail?

How to set up dodo webmail?

Dodo webmail is one of the alternatives for Xtra webmail that allows you to access your email, manage your contacts and calendars through a user-friendly interface.

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1. Go to

2. Click on ‘Create new account`, then fill in your email address and password.

3. After that, click on ‘Create My Account` at the bottom of the page to finish creating your account.

4. Once you have finished creating an account, you would be logged into Dodo Webmail automatically without needing to remember your login details. You can use this account to log in to Xtra webmail as well.

5. Now click on ‘Login’, enter your login details and change the password.

6. You may now log in to dodo webmail with the email address and new password you just set up through ‘login` at the top of your screen.

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