How To move Earthlink Webmail To Gmail?

This tutorial tells you how to easily change your Earthlink email address to a personal Gmail account. If you are an EarthLink user and won’t cancel your Earthlink Email service, take these

steps: First, go to your email account and write down the following information:

Your EarthLink Email Address (

Secret Question and Answer Used to Recover Your Password

The name of the primary e-mail contact for your EarthLink account, if you have one

An alternate “work” email address that is forwarded to your EarthLink account

As soon as you have the above information written down, you will want to cancel your email service. To cancel an email, visit the EarthLink How To Cancel Email Tutorial.

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After canceling your Earthlink Webmail service, you will need to do a little more work but not much. First of all, there are a few places that automatic settings may be cached on your system from when you first signed up for your Earthlink account. You want to erase this information.

To find out what your Earthlink Email address is, just go to their How can I view or change my email address? tutorial.

Once you have canceled the email service and you know your new Gmail address, just login into Gmail and create an account with that email address. There is no need to use as the address – just use or whatever e-mail you would like.

When you get your Gmail set up, log into your Earthlink email account one more time and navigate to How do I forward mail?

You will want to change the settings so that all new messages will be forwarded TO Then, in Gmail, you can set up filters to send messages that are sent FROM Earthlink into the trash folder.

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