How To Get Cox Webmail On iPhone?

Cox Webmail users are constantly looking for ways to access their email on the go. Fortunately, you don’t need to carry around your laptop or netbook everywhere you go if you want to check your Cox webmail; all you need is an iPhone. With iPhone’s massive success and popularity, there are tons of different apps available that make using your Webmail account possible on the phone. Some of these apps are officially developed by Apple, while some are developed by third-party developers. These applications make it easy to access your email on the go without having to carry around a laptop with you all the time.

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Cox Mobile, created by Cox Communications is an app that allows you to access your email on the go. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, so you can use it whether you have an iPhone or iPad. This program requires iOS 5.0 for proper operation, so if your device does not meet this requirement then you’ll need to update it before using it.

The first thing that users will notice about Cox Mobile is its user-friendly design. The app has been created with intuitive ease in mind, so users can quickly navigate it without any problems. You’ll be able to use the application to send and receive messages, reply to the mail, manage folders and calendars, view attachments (if they are supported), customize your settings tab, and much more. Additionally, you’ll be able to view photos that are attached to your email messages.

The app also allows users to customize the notifications they receive when their inbox is updated, so you can customize it according to your preferences. You can choose to receive a push notification for every new message, or only an alert if enabled by default on your device. You can also choose the ringtone that will be played when you receive a new message.

As stated earlier, Cox Mobile is compatible with both iPhone and iPad; however, it also provides several specific features for these devices. Some features are only accessible on the iPad version of the app, while others are only available on the iPhone version of it. For example, when using Cox Mobile on the iPhone, you can only view attachments if they are supported by your device’s operating system.

The app also allows you to utilize some of the security features offered by iOS such as Face-ID and Touch ID so that your Webmail account is even more secure. Notifications can be viewed in full-screen mode for both iPhone and iPad for easy viewing.

Of course, you’ll need a Cox Webmail account to use this application; if you don’t have one already, you can sign up for an account on the official website. If you already have an account but haven’t activated it yet, then activate it first before proceeding with the setup process. You also need to make sure that your account is active, so you’ll need to check the status of it online before beginning.

To get started follow these steps:

– Open your browser on an iOS device and visit  to activate your webmail account.

– After activating your Webmail service, close all windows or tabs associated with your email service.

– Open the App Store on your iOS device and search for “Cox Mobile”.

– Download the app to install it on your device, then launch it when installation has been completed.

– On the login screen, select the “Use Existing Account” option and enter the email address and password of your Webmail account.

– Click on the “Sign In” button, then you will be presented with a list of your folders and messages from that account.

Note: You can also choose to switch to a New Cox Account option if you want to create a new cox email address for this app. Also, make sure that your browser is configured to use the default iOS proxy settings as this app uses those.

Check out the video below for a quick tutorial on how to get started with Cox Mobile:

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