How to forward emails from webmail?

How to forward emails from webmail?

Email webmail is a web browser-enabled website to read and send emails. Many websites provide webmail services for users. As an email client, Webmail provides features such as user interface, folders, inbox/outbox, address book, etc. In web-based email clients, you will get an option to log in to your account. After login, you will get your webmail inbox.

You can use a web-based email interface to read emails, send emails, delete emails, etc. If you are using web-based email then you will find an option “forward”. You can forward received or sent emails. It is very simple to forward webmail.

To forward webmail follow these simple steps:

1. Login webmail interface and go to the “Settings” option.

2. In webmail settings click on the forwarding option, enter the email address of recipient and subject, etc.

3. Click on continue and save your webmail forward settings.

4. View webmail inbox and find forwarded emails from the “forwarded” label or webmail inbox.

5. To remove webmail forward, log in webmail interface and go to the settings option. Delete the email address of the recipient and save the web mail forwarding setting.

Hope this article is helpful for you to forward emails from webmail? Please share your comments below. Thanks for visiting!

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