How to access dod webmail from home?

For people who would like to access the dod webmail from home, you can easily do by using tor and tor software that is available for your own computer.

However, I’ll be talking about what’s it’s all about.

OK, so basically you will need two things:

1) TOR

2) install Tor software on your computer

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Installing TOR

1. Download and install tor: (it is a portable browser, it can be installed into your flash disk)

2. Install Tor software on your computer.

1. Download and install TOR browser (in the installation it will ask you to install tor software on your computer, click yes)

2. Make sure that “tor is running” appears in bottom right corner of the Tor browser before login into dod webmail account

3. Login into DOD Webmail Using Tor Browser:

1. Login into DOD webmail:

2. In top right corner, click the shield icon to access your account information

3. Click “remember me” and “never show this again on this computer”

4. Then login normally with you DOD Webmail username and password

5. That’s it! you have successfully accessed the DOD webmail from home.

There are many way to access dod webmail from outside of DOD network, one of them is using a VPN service or connection, but recently that method  is not working anymore because Web.Mail site now catch your ip address  before you login into DOD account and also Web.Mail site now has a captcha for login ID to prevent automated scripts from logging in DOD webmail account.

But there are still some people who try to access DOD webmail through TOR, so I’ll be enlighten them on how they can do that.

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