How to access army webmail from home?

How to access army webmail from home?

I join the army in about an hour and need to get my password so I can check my email before I go.

Answer: You are required to know your military ID number, also known as N-number or FRN (Future Reserve Number) when trying to access any restricted information on the American Forces Network website. This is not your social security number.

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If you have never done so before, please contact your local recruiter for assistance. If you did not enlist with an American Forces Network-enabled account, then you cannot access the site from home at this time. You will need to wait until you arrive at Basic Training and get assigned an FRN before American Forces Network can process your request to have the service enabled on your account.

An alternative would be to contact a friend or relative who is currently serving in the military and ask them to help you out by providing you with an email password.

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