Hostmonster Webmail Settings.

Hostmonster Webmail Settings.

As an individual or small business owner, you want to ensure that your web presence is as professional as possible. One of the most important components of this is your email account.

If someone needs to contact you about something for their job, they will not be able to do so if your email address doesn’t work or bounce back.

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This means that it’s crucial to set up a proper mail server and configure it with Hostmonster Webmail Settings. A large number of individuals and businesses use Gmail but many people are unaware that there are other options available on the Internet today.

1. Log in to your Hostmonster account

2. Click on the “Settings” tab at the top of the page

3. On this page, you will see a list of different settings that can be changed for your email account

4. Scroll down to “Webmail Settings” and click on it

5. You will now see an option called “Default Web Mail Client”. This is where you can change which web browser opens up when logging into your mail

6. Select whichever web browser you would like from the drop-down menu and then press submit.

7. Hostmonster Webmail Settings will be saved automatically and you can close this page when you are done

8. You will now see your Hostmonster webmail open up in the browser that you selected in step 6.


Hostmonster Webmail Settings can be a great tool for your business. It’s only fitting that you finish up this blog post with some final words about what our customers have to say. In addition to the testimonials from happy customers, we also have reviews on Trustpilot and other third-party sites where people give their opinion of us as a company. Read them today! You might just find out how much potential HostMonster has in store for you and your business needs!