Hermes Webmail Cambridge.

Hermes Webmail Cambridge.

The Hermes Webmail Cambridge is the only webmail client that unifies email, calendars, documents, and contacts into one place. This allows you to take advantage of your existing desktop tools like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail while still having access to all your emails in one location.

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1. Hermes Webmail Cambridge is a web-based email service that offers many features

2. The system is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail

3. You can also use the interface to access your emails on mobile devices like iPhones and iPods

4. It’s easy to share documents with other users in the system through an integrated document management tool

5. Users have access to unlimited storage space for their emails

6. You can also organize your inbox into different folders or tags so you can find messages easier later on.


Hermes Webmail is a leading provider of IT services in the UK. We offer web hosting, domain registration, and email solutions to customers throughout Cambridge and beyond. Contact us today for more information about our offerings or if you have any questions!