FSU Webmail Jena.

FSU Webmail Jena.

FSU Webmail Jena FSU Webmail is a webmail interface developed by FSU for its users. It offers a lot of features and functionalities, such as messages folder management, mail search option, message filters, address book with LDAP integration, and many others that will make your email experience better.

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FSU Webmail allows FSU users to access FSU mailbox from a web browser, FSU Webmail is a product of FSU. FSU Webmail interface provides FSU Box Mail, FSE Library Mail, and FSU Shuttle Bus mail as default folders.

FSU Webmail Jena offers some features such as – Message search option. – Folder management options. – FSU address book with LDAP integration. – FSU message filters. FSU Webmail Jena uses the Bootstrap framework of FSU for its interface design and HTML5/CSS3 technology to style it, FSU Webmail supports the following browsers:

– Mozilla Firefox (latest version).

– Google Chrome (latest version). FSU Webmail Jena is now available at FSU Box FSE Library and FSU Shuttle Bus.

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Jena has been with FSU Webmail for over five years and loves her job. It’s the perfect company to work at if you’re a Florida Gator who wants to learn, grow, and thrive in your career. She enjoys working closely with our customers and helping them figure out how they can be more successful using our web-based email service. If this sounds like something you might enjoy too, we’d love for you to apply!