Fairpoint Webmail Zimbra.

Fairpoint Webmail Zimbra.

One of the most popular webmail clients in use today is Zimbra. This open-source, cloud-based email service provides great flexibility for users who are looking to manage their own IT resources and have complete control over how they set up their email accounts.

The team at Fairpoint Communications has put together a blog post that will help you learn more about Zimbra’s functionality and what it can do for your business or organization. Check out our latest blog post!

1. How do I set up my account on Fairpoint Webmail?

2. How do I log in to my account on Fairpoint Webmail?

For all these questions check out the main information article related to Fairpoint Webmail here: Fairpoint Webmail


We’ve been using Zimbra for a while now and have found it to be an excellent way of managing our email. The interface is easy to use, the spam filter works well, and we love that you can easily create labels or folders just by dragging emails into them. Give it a try!