Fairpoint Webmail 6.0.

Fairpoint Webmail 6.0.

The Fairpoint Webmail 6.0 is available for download by Fairpoint clients, but Fairpoint has not yet provided a general release date beyond the word “soon.”

Fairpoint customers wanting to access Fairpoint Webmail 6.0 before it is released can contact Fairpoint to participate in the beta program.

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Fairpoint has also not yet indicated if Fairpoint Webmail 5.2 will be automatically upgraded to Fairpoint Webmail 6.0 or if future versions of Fairpoint Webmail might require a new installation, but that information should come out later this year.

Fairpoint Webmail 5.2 is the current version of Fairpoint Webmail, and Fairpoint customers can update to Fairpoint Webmail 6.0 through that version’s download page if they are able to participate in the beta program.

Fairpoint has not yet indicated what new features or changes will be included in Fairpoint Webmail 6.0, but Fairpoint has indicated that Fairpoint Webmail 6.0 will offer Fairpoint clients “the opportunity to improve collaboration with internal and external constituents.”