Earthlink Webmail Update.

Earthlink Webmail Update.

Earthlink has recently made an update to the Earthlink Webmail. Earthlink webmail got a total makeover in April 2005 when EarthLink’s EarthLink Mail Plus service was rebranded under EarthLink Web Hosting, and EarthLink opened it up for free to all members of EarthLink Web Hosting.

Earthlink offers both POP3 and Earthlink Webmail. Earthlink Webmail offers the option to download Earthlink webmails messages in Earthlink POP3 format which can be used in any Earthlink email client, or Earthlink WEBMAIL format which is compatible with most EarthLink WebMail clients.

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A few rules to remember when using EarthLink Webmail are to keep EarthLink Webmail folder names short, no longer than eight EarthLink letters, or Earthlink special characters. Also, Earthlinking webmails are limited to 100 Earthlink WebMail folders.

EarthLink WebMail accounts are only accessible to Earthlink members who have bought Earthlink hosting services, but those who join EarthLink can try out the free trial. All of the EarthLink Internet Service Providers, DSL Services, Broadband Cable Services, and Dial-up Services are supported by EarthLink WEBMAIL.

Earthlink webmail also has an auto-response feature that allows your Earthlink Webmails to automatically send Earthlink Webmails to Earthlink web mailers letting them Earthlink webmails you are currently away from EarthLink WEBMAIL.

Earthlink Webmail also offers EarthLink members POP3 Access, free EarthLink webmail forwarding, and EarthLink IMAP4 access. Though EarthLink IMAP offers a few extra features of Earthlinking IMAP EarthLink WEBMAIL. EarthLink Webmail can also be Earthlink connected to Earthlink mobile devices such as Earthlink iPhone, Earthlink BlackBerry, and Earthlink Android.