Dreamhost Webmail Settings.

Dreamhost Webmail Settings.

Dreamhost is a web hosting provider. Their services include website hosting and email hosting; the location of these servers is in California, USA. Dreamhost offer shared as well as dedicated service, different types of emails packages as well as an online file storage service. In this article, I will explain how to set up email accounts through Dreamhost Webmail.

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First, you need to log into your Web Host Manager (WHM). After that, scroll down the page and click on Email Accounts. Now look for the domain name of the email account you want to add and click on it.

You should see an option called to add a new email address at the bottom of this page. Click on this option, then enter the username of the email account you want to create.

Make sure you are not using any characters that have more than one meaning. If you are not sure about what characters can be used in a username, then use the “Check Availability” button to find out.

After that click on create. Now enter your new email’s password and repeat it once more to confirm it. After that add the name for this email address in the space below if required. Then click Add Email Address. You can now log in to your email account from any computer connected to the Internet.

*It is important if you are using an ISP’s webmail service, that you change your ISP user name and password to those used on Dreamhost Webmail before signing out of your ISP service. Otherwise, the old information will prevent access.

*It is not possible to receive or send emails from a Dreamhost email account if you do not change your ISP password.

You can add as many email accounts to Dreamhost Webmail as you like; simply follow the above instructions for each one. For more information on how to use Dreamhost Webmail, please visit their website at www.Dreamhost.com.