Dreamhost Webmail Forwarding.

Dreamhost Webmail Forwarding.

I found out how to set up webmail forwarding for DreamHost customers. This should work if you are using the horde package (specifically PHP-horde) or any other package that uses webmail as a front end. This will only work on your primary domain, not subdomains; If you want it to work on subdomains, you will need to edit the htaccess file on each subdomain.

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This is for Apache web hosts only. I have no idea if this works with Nginx or Litespeed or any other web server besides apache. It should work with cpanel, Plesk, and all other types of panels as long as they use the htaccess file for webmail.

This is a simple step by step of what you need to do:

Create a .htaccess file on your server and place it in the root directory where all your other websites are located. Name the file “.forward”. In this new file, put


and save the file. You can edit this email address to be anything you want; it does not have to be for your webmaster, but don’t put an email that is already in use on your domain (such as info@/cpanel) unless you want each site with webmail enabled to forward all emails from those accounts to the webmaster email you specified.

Now, in your Dreamhost panel under the settings for your domain, go to “Forwarders” and select “Add Forwarder”. For this example, I will assume that you have a normal type of website on your primary domain called www.example.com, so it would be www.example.com in both the incoming and outgoing fields, but you have a subdomain called mail.example.com that uses webmail, so it would be example.com for the incoming and mail.example.com for the outgoing field of this page on DreamHost’s panel.

Now test your new forwarder by sending an email to your subdomain at mail.example.com from anywhere to confirm that it forwards correctly. If you have already set up your horde webmail on this subdomain, then just go to the webmail interface and log in to send a test email from there as well.

If the test emails work properly for both sending from your website and sending from the mail.example.com subdomain, then your webmail forwarding setup is complete. You can use this with any shared or virtual dedicated server where you have access to the apache httpd.conf file and if you want it to work on a subdomain such as mail.example.com, you will need access to that domain’s htaccess file(s).

You can edit your htaccess file on the subdomain to change the forward email address. I would suggest using an email address that you don’t use for anything or one of those disposable emails so it won’t be confused with any real emails.