Does Cox Webmail Have An App?

Cox is one of the most popular Internet providers in the United States. With over 6 million subscribers, Cox offers fast, reliable Internet at some of the best prices on the market. An additional perk of being a subscriber to Cox is that you have access to their email service, Cox Webmail.

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If you are not currently an email client on your smartphone, you may be unaware of how helpful and convenient these clients can be. A Cox Webmail app provides a platform to access your email from anywhere and in any situation. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the service has an official mobile application at this time.

The Question on Your Mind…Does Cox Webmail Have An App?

The answer to this question is a disappointing no. It appears that the email provider does not have an official mobile app for Android or iOS capable devices. There are a few third-party applications on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, but none of these have been verified as trustworthy by Google or Apple. As such, we strongly recommend against using them.

Accu-Weather Application

The one exception to this rule is the Accuweather app for iPhone and Android devices. This application is free to download from the App Store or Google Play store respectively, and it is very easy to use as well as effective at delivering weather information. In addition to displaying current conditions, Accuweather will also provide a 7-day forecast, information about the sunrise and sunset times as well as precipitation and humidity levels.

Cox Webmail for Desktop Computers

If you do not currently use a mobile device with an email client to access your Cox Webmail account, you should strongly consider doing so. This is especially true if you own an iPhone or Android device. As previously stated, there are no official mobile applications available, but the Accuweather app is far more useful than visiting the mobile website for Cox Webmail at this time.

If you do not currently own a smartphone capable of running an email application, you will need to access your webmail from a computer. This is very easy to do, but you will not be able to use your phone’s keyboard when doing so. Fortunately, there are mobile sites that you can visit instead.

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