Dodo webmail settings.

Dodo webmail settings.

“It is possible to capture the username and password of dodo webmail users by using the functionality of IE.

IE save “Basic authentication” HTTP header automatically.

” Basic authentication “is not safe for login into websites that contain private information like bank accounts or credit card numbers, but it’s very helpful when it comes to testing purposes 🙂

” Once the victim logins to the malicious website pay attention that IE will ask you if you want to save your password. ”

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By clicking NO all is saved in an XML file located at %temp%. You can try our tool by pasting these data into its top box and click on submit button, then paste the result you will get from the tool to its bottom box and click on the SCAN button.

” You can also use this for testing purposes by pasting fake credentials into top box, but don’t forget delete them if you do not want other users on your computer to know these information 🙂