Dodo webmail server settings.

Dodo webmail server settings.

As part of our ongoing tests, we have tested Dodo webmail servers for their ability to store, view, and send e-mails. Some dodo settings for your server may need to be changed as not all features available on most ISP’s servers are available with the service provided by Dodo broadband.

We were unable to check POP/IMAP accounts as our test e-mails were left on the server even after deletion from the webmail interface.

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Please note that not all ISPs will allow access to these settings, if you are connected by a wireless connection or a modem/router combination please check with your ISP if you have these features available before attempting any of these changes.

This is our first test using the new smtp2go service and we immediately found that we were unable to send e-mails with attachments on most of the Dodo servers as they do not support sending mime messages so this will need to be disabled before sending outbound e-mails. As far as security goes, it appears they are running an old version of OpenSSL which is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.