Dodo webmail login.

Dodo webmail login.

Dodo is an Internet service provider based in South Africa, providing broadband ADSL/ADSL2+ services to customers throughout the country.

Dodo provides both business and consumer internet services. The company was recently awarded ISP of the year by WebAfrica, which is one of South Africa’s leading web hosting companies. Dodo also runs a private IP network that spans the entire country.

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If you’re having problems with your dodo webmail login, please follow these instructions below:

1) Use an FTP program (username is “webmail” and password is “webmail”) to download your webmail account on a PC.

2) Once downloaded, please follow the steps below:

a) Login to dodo’s webmail (

b) Click on Personal Details (in the left-hand menu).

c) Click on Edit (top right-hand corner in Personal Details).

d) Check the box next to “Enable POP3 access” and select ‘Yes’ from the dropdown menu.

e) Click Save changes.

f) In your email inbox, please click on Drafts.

g) Select all mails in the Drafts folder and delete them.

h) Leave the browser open to ensure all mails download, and repeat steps e) and f).

i) Login to Outlook (on your PC).

j) Open this mailbox in Outlook:

k) Click on New Mail to compose a new email.

l) Click on Safety Options (left-hand menu).

m) Click on Junk E-mail Protection (in the center of the page, under E-mail Security).

n) Uncheck the option “Treat all e-mails from my account’s address as ‘junk’ if they are identified as spam by Microsoft Outlook Junk E-mail Filter”

o) Click OK.