Dod Webmail Enterprise.

Dod Webmail Enterprise.

What is it?

DOD Webmail (also known as Dod Webmail Enterprise) is an open-source webmail client that is aimed specifically at organizations with a requirement for message transfer security.

After all, the need for some form of email security—particularly corporate email security—isn’t exactly a new concept. Many companies and organizations have been utilizing secure email solutions for quite some time now, with different products offering a wide variety of features and complexities.

For example, the DOD Webmail solution is an open-source webmail client that’s aimed specifically at providing organizations with a solution that provides message transfer security within their existing infrastructure (i.e., it can be used with the same email servers that are already in place).

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However, unlike other security-focused solutions, DOD Webmail doesn’t require any specific hardware or equipment—and it provides organizations with the ability to implement message transfer security without making any additional investments.

Who should use it?

Any organization looking for an open-source solution that provides message transfer security (but doesn’t require any specific hardware or equipment)

What are the main features of DOD Webmail Enterprise?

It’s 100% open source, so there are no licensing fees involved; it can be used with existing email servers to provide messaging security without requiring any additional investments; and—as its name implies—it provides some enhanced message transfer security features (i.e., it can be used to encrypt messages and digitally sign them).

What are the system requirements for DOD Webmail Enterprise?

DOD Webmail is a web-based solution and requires a web server with PHP support; an email server of some sort (such as Postfix, QMail, etc.) that supports Maildir storage; and a database to store the email accounts.

Is DOD Webmail Enterprise an on-premise solution or a cloud solution?

DOD Webmail is an on-premise webmail client that can be installed in a local area network—it’s not a cloud-based solution.