DHHS Webmail tas.

DHHS Webmail tas.

DHHS Webmail provides web-based email accounts. DHHS mail is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family around Australia, as well as being a fast and easy way to access your work email from home. DHHS Mail can be found at DHHS Mail can be accessed using an internet connection and a DHHS Webmail account.

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DHHS Webmail has the following features:

– Web-based email client

– Personalised DHHS webpages accessible from anywhere

– Access to your e-mails via Email, Web Browsers & Mobile Phones

– DHHS Mail is free

– DHHS Webmail accounts are available in both POP3 & IMAP protocols DHHS also provides DHHS Mailboxes in the following countries: – the USA

– UK

– China To access DHHS webmail, go to DHHS mail. Enter your username and password when prompted, DHHS Webmail is the perfect way to access DHHS mail from anywhere. DHHS Mail can also be accessed from your mobile phone through our DHHS Mobile Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania, Australia.