Cox Webmail Password Reset.

Cox Webmail Password Reset.

I have made this simple tutorial on how to reset your password for Cox Webmail. This is very easy and you will not need any special software or anything like that, just follow the steps below.

Tools that are needed:

– A web browser with javascript enabled(ie7, firefox, opera…)

– A SMTP (mail) server. (Like the free SMTP mail service from

– A separate computer or your cell phone to send a reset link to your cox email address.

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– First, we need to find our Cox Webmail URL and in this case its:

– Log in with your credentials, you will be redirected to the inbox page where the URL looks like this:

– Now we want to change the /owa/ part of the URL into /exchange/ so that it now becomes:

– Now we want to change the /exchange/ part of the URL into /public/

– Now press enter and your inbox page should look something like this:

– Right-click somewhere on the screen inside your inbox page and select “Inspect Element” or simply press CTRL+SHIFT+I to open the Developer Tools.

– A new window will popup, now click on the “Console” Tab inside your developer tools.

– At the bottom of this page you should see a line saying: “The webpage has a redirect loop”. Now paste the following code into the text field right above that line: location.href=’’;

– Press enter and it should change your URL to

– Now press enter again and you will be automatically logged out of cox webmail.

– On this page where your inbox should be you will now see the password reset tool, simply fill in your email address to get a link sent to it, and that’s all!

Now you can simply click on the link that was sent to your email address and change your password to something new.

I hope this tutorial helped you and feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.