Cox Webmail Help.

Cox Webmail Help.

The Cox webmail is a free user interface for managing your email, calendar, and contacts. It enables you to view all your email accounts from one place in an easy-to-use browser interface. You can manage all your emails from different mail services by using the same mailbox.

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To add/set up cox webmail to your Android phone follow the steps below.

1. At first, go to Google play store and search for the “cox webmail” app.

2. After finding it, click on the install button present at the end of the screen.

This will download cox webmail application on your computer or android device. Once downloaded you can see the cox webmail icon in the application menu.

3. Now click on this cox webmail icon to open it.

You can use the credentials of your cox account to login into the app. Once logged in, you will see an inbox folder in which all your emails will be seen on a single screen. Also, there are options like calendar, contacts, and settings present at the bottom of the screen to view mail for particular folders.

4. To add cox webmail account to your device follow the below steps:

– Go to the “settings” option and click on it as shown in figure 1.

Fig1: Settings as indicated by an arrow mark

Now click on the “Accounts and Sync” option as shown in figure 2.

Fig2: Accounts and sync highlighted with the arrow mark

Click on “Add account” from the options available displayed on the next screen of your computer or android device. Then a new window will open up for you to add an email account, click on the drop-down menu present on the top of the screen, and select the “Gmail” option. Again a pop-up window will open up for entering email id and password to add a new Gmail account to your device click on the “Next” button present on the right corner at the bottom of the page.

Now another window will open up, providing Gmail’s system asking access permission for using Gmail account on your device. To continue click on “Allow”.

Now you can see a new folder named after Gmail’s account has been added on the left side of the screen, look at figure 3 for understanding this clearly.

Fig3: A folder having email id of Gmail added with the arrow mark

Click on this folder to open up all of your account’s emails in cox webmail.

5. If you want to add more email service accounts to your android device, follow the same steps given above for each new account.