Comporium Webmail Support.

Comporium Webmail Support.

Comporium provides two email services for its customers. The default Comporium email service is based on Microsoft Exchange Server. This server is managed by the IT Department at Comporium and has no user-controllable options in the Settings menu of the webmail interface.

The second email service offered by Comporium is known as Webmail. Webmail is a standards-based “Web 2.0” email service that does not require the use of an application to synchronize with your email account. It can be accessed from any internet-capable device by visiting or on most mobile devices, smartphones, and tablet PCs.

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Webmail supports the POP3 and IMAP email protocol standards and provides access to your email using any free email software, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. This allows users to access their webmail from a home computer, work computer, Internet Cafe, Library, school, etc. In addition to this, Webmail also supports mobile phone access for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone users via HTML5 compatible web browsers

Webmail provides more advanced features than Microsoft Exchange Server or Outlook Web Access (OWA). Comporium is working hard to provide new features that will help our customers work more efficiently on-the-go; while also providing advanced tools that can be used by our Enterprise customers.

Comporium Webmail provides a number of features to its users:

1) The ability to access multiple email accounts from the same web interface.

2) The ability for users to manage their personal contacts and calendars using the Google applications suite.

3) Low-bandwidth, high-speed email access with support for attachments.

4) The ability to mark an email as “read” or “unread” without downloading the message content.

5) The ability to work offline by marking messages for download, search, archiving, etc. when you are back online they will be transmitted to your account.

6) Provides access to subscribed calendars from public providers, such as Google Calendar.

7) The ability for users to backup their webmail data using an on-demand iCalendar download of all messages and labels on a daily basis, which can be scheduled at the user’s convenience.

8) The ability to automatically block spam before it reaches your inbox with Comporium’s custom filtering.

9) The option to password protect your account with a randomly generated key that is unique for each user and device combination. 10) Webmail does not require Java, Flash, or any other browser plugins in order to function properly.

11) Support for IMAP IDLE, which allows users to see new email on their mobile devices before it’s received on the server.

12) Administrators will be able to enable or disable any feature of Webmail through a simple, tab based control panel that uses only static web pages (no script injection). Administrators can also add new features using this interface without having to recompile source code.